From classics to new trends, there’s a vast variety of styles for you to choose from when buying grillz. We’ve created a list of 11 styles that everyone should know about when thinking about investing in some grillz.

1. Solids

yellow gold solid grillz

Beginning with a classic, solids are arguably the most popular style of grillz. Gold casts to create a flat, smooth surface of gold across any number of your teeth. Today, most people will ask for their solid grillz to have a permanent style. Permanent style, or deep-cut, cuts the gold in a way that showcases each individual tooth – creating a permanent and more natural looking style to the grillz (without them actually being permanent). You can opt to decorate your solid grillz with diamonds, gems, or other stones or just keep that classic gold look.

2. Honeycomb

honeycomb vvs grillz

Honeycomb creates that fully iced-out look. Instead of the diamonds sitting on top, tiny diamonds are set into holes on the gold teeth. This creates a completely flush, or burnish, diamond setting across each tooth and removes the feeling of added bulkiness. VVS or CZ diamonds are generally the most sought after diamonds in honeycomb settings, making for a beautiful and dramatic finished product.

3. Open Face

yellow gold open face grillz

In an open face grillz, gold metal frames the edges of each tooth while leaving the white center exposed. This style has a very minimalistic feel via the thin border of gold on each tooth. Open face looks good on its own, but many people will ask for a mixture of solid gold and open face in their custom pieces. Additionally, certain cuts can be used on open faces, like diamond or permanent cuts, that create more intricate looks.

4. Gap Filler

gap filler grillz

For those with a gap between any number of teeth, gap fillers are a popular way to stylize that space. Usually a vertical bar of gold is used to fill the gap, but many people ask for diamond settings as well. In fact, a lot of people who get gap fillers will ask for colored diamonds or different stones to be used, due to the small nature of this specific piece. Gap fillers can also meld onto a solid or open face grill adjacent to it, creating a super unique style that caters to your teeth.

5. Trillion Cut

yellow gold trillion cut grillz

Set some trillion cut grillz out in the sun and see for yourself how insane they look. Small cuts are sketched into solid gold grillz that create this look. Many people who ask for trillion cuts will add diamond dust for an even more dramatic effect. If you’re looking for something less intense, diamond cuts are always a classic option.

6. Drip

drip style grillz

Drip, or teardrop, style is a top statement piece. Many people will get drip style on their bottom grillz, making it seem like the gold is dripping down their teeth. This style can be used in a variety of ways. Most common are two different styles – one being the gold drip is sitting right on the top of the teeth, or the drip sits on top of some solids for some two tone action. Either way, the drip style grillz makes for a really unique custom design. Add some diamonds or rubies and really make it your own.

7. Sun Cut

yellow gold sun cut grillz

Sun cut is a specific style of cutting into solid grillz to create a bursting sun-like shape on each individual tooth. The way light hits these sun cut grillz is intense. These are very different from the patterned look of other cut styles – so if you’re wanting something a bit more unique and fluid then sun cut is a good option.

8. Bar

rose gold vvs diamond bar grillz

Bar grillz are loaded with custom options for you to choose from. A horizontal gold bar is placed across any number of teeth and can be set with diamonds, gems, enamel, or even letters. Most common is the six piece, where the bar extends across the front four teeth and transitions to solid or open face grillz on your canine teeth, or fangs. On top, bars will sit along the bottom edge of your teeth. In contrast, if you want some bottom grillz, the bar will sit along the top edge of your teeth. If you’re wanting something more minimalistic, try getting a bar across one or two teeth.

9. Opals

tyler the creator opal grillz

Opals have become an increasingly popular material to use in custom grillz. Take Tyler the Creator’s custom grillz as an example. The pearly, blue and purple tones of opals create a beautiful effect surrounded by solid gold.

10. Floating Letters

helen harris custom floating letter grillz
Helen Harris Custom Grillz

Names, sayings, marketing slogans – all of these can be turned into your own custom grillz. Gold is molded into letters and attached to the back of the teeth. Letters can then be accentuated with diamonds, gemstones, enamel or whatever else a person has in mind. Grillz are all about your personalization and style and that’s why many choose to get floating letters.

11. Enamel

tyler the creator enamel grillz
Tyler the Creator’s Enamel Grillz

As grillz become more popular, the different variations of grillz have steadily grown. Experimentation with new materials used in grillz, like enamel, allows jewelers to get even more creative with their designs. Gold borders the teeth while enamel coats the face of each tooth. Enamel used in custom grillz allows for brighter and bolder colors, more intricate designs, and showcases your unique personality.

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