1. Do grillz cause permanent damage to your teeth?

No! High quality grillz should never wear down your teeth. However, it’s up to you to clean and care for your grillz. Your oral hygiene directly affects your grillz. If you don’t regularly wash them, food build-up and bacteria from your teeth can build on grillz which will cause bad breath, teeth yellowing, and/or other issues. Grillz themselves do not cause damage to your teeth.

2. Can you eat and drink with grillz?

This is personal preference, but we suggest that you do not eat with grillz in. If you decide to, just make sure to deep clean your grillz afterwards for obvious reasons – you don’t want to have bad breath, right? Food and liquid will not tarnish high quality grillz, but your hygiene will.

3. Can you smoke with grillz?

Once again, this is personal preference, but we advise against it. High quality grillz will not tarnish from smoke if they’re authentic gold, but to keep grillz looking new for a longer period of time, most people will try not to constantly use substances with them in. If you don’t consistently clean your grillz after using tobacco products, your grillz will smell.

4. Do grillz hurt?

No, grillz should fit snug against your teeth without hurting your gums. At first, grillz may feel uncomfortable – this is normal for a lot of people. Over time, within a couple hours of wearing them, you’ll get used to the feeling of them. If they make your gums bleed or feel uncomfortable, your grillz probably don’t fit correctly and need to be brought back to the jeweler who made them for a resizing.

5. How long do grillz last?

This is all dependent on how well you care for your grillz. Grillz can last a lifetime if you regularly clean them – just like any other fine jewelry. We use only authentic gold, so your grillz should never tarnish or fade. However, polishing your gold teeth will keep them looking shiny and new. Check out our blog, “Caring For Your Grillz,” for further in-depth instructions on all the ways you can keep your grillz in shape.

6. How are grillz made?

Grillz are made in three steps. The first is getting the dental impression of someone’s teeth, then we cast the metal (gold) in a centrifuge that spins and coats the mold evenly with that gold. The mold is then taken out and extra gold is cut off – this is the beginning of gold grillz. Afterwards, we polish to that perfect shine.

7. Can grillz straighten your teeth?

Grillz cannot act as teeth straighteners. Grillz are made by casting a mold of your current teeth to fit snug against them – meaning grillz should not be putting pressure on any teeth to straighten them. If they feel like they are moving your teeth then your grillz were made poorly and could cause damage.

8. How long can you wear grillz during the day?

This is up to you. If you want to wear them all day and all night just do not forget to deep clean them. We suggest you clean them while you brush your teeth in the morning and at night.

9. How are grillz supposed to fit?

Grillz should fit tight against your teeth, like a perfect mold. Although grillz may feel uncomfortable in the beginning, they should never hurt your gums, teeth, or jaw. Make sure you keep an eye on how they feel after a day or so because if they feel really uncomfortable then you should bring them back to be inspected.

10. Do grillz cause yellowing of your teeth?

No, grillz do not cause yellowing of your teeth. Due to the high quality gold, no tarnishing should take place in your mouth. This is all dependent on how well you care for your grillz because if you don’t clean them, bacteria will build up in your mouth which will cause yellowing. Grillz do not.

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