General and Shipping

Do I need to make an appointment to visit Grillz Factory

No appointment is necessary to shop at our St. Louis Grillz location, you are welcome to walk-in anytime during business hours. 

Do you ship outside the United States?

Yes, we ship worldwide at an added shipping rate.

Can I track my order?

Yes, the day your grillz are shipped out, we will send you a tracking number to your email address.

Are your shipments secured?

Yes, all Grillz Factory shipments are insured for their full value before shipping.

Grillz FAQ

Is it hard to take my Grillz Factory mold?

No! We have clear instructions that make the process as straightforward and quick as possible. Visit our Mold Kit instructions on our website for further reference. If you’re having any trouble AT ALL we are ALWAYS available to FaceTime or call to help you! 

How long does it take to make my Grillz Factory grillz?

We pride ourselves in making the best quality grillz at a quick turnaround rate! After receiving your grillz mold impression, your grillz will usually be ready to ship within 2-3 business days. 

What happens if I break my Grillz Factory grillz?

You can ship it back to us with the mold impression to make a new one for a discounted price.

Can I eat with Grillz Factory grillz on?

We don’t recommend you do this. 

Can I smoke with Grillz Factory grillz on?

Your grill from Grillz Factory STL will always be made with pure gold. Since the piece will be going into your mouth, we do not recommend you smoke anything with your grillz.

How do I keep my Grillz Factory grillz clean?

You will need to keep your grillz clean by rinsing them out with warm water and using a soft bristle toothbrush to clean off any food/debris every day! You can restore your grillz shine with a clean and soft jewelry rag.  See our blog, “Caring for your Grillz,” for further insight!

Can I mix and match any of the Grillz Factory designs?

Yes, whatever you want! When you are ordering your custom grillz, you can make them however you want! Options are included in our custom grillz order page, and/or you can attach your own files to explain how you’d like us to customize your grillz for you!

Why should I buy my grillz from Grillz Factory?

All our grillz are made IN-SHOP by expert jewelers. Grillz Factory is the leading distributor and designer of grillz in the St. Louis, MO and the midwest area for almost a decade. We never send your grillz off-site for designs, repairs, or cleanings. Everything is done at a ONE STOP SHOP!

What are the benefits of my Grillz Factory grillz?

It doesn’t matter who you are, Grillz Factory grillz will have you FEELING FINE!!! Be a part of the hottest trend in jewelry today, and join the Grillz Factory family TODAY!! We’ll do you right each time!